07. WorryBoy – School Program

WorryBoy is an adventure story presented as a project for children to learn more about themselves; to recognise their fears and worries, learn ways to deal with confusing emotions and use their imagination to make choices that lead to a more inspiring life.


Each session is part of the story, which is presented through telling the story, letters from the characters, diary entries of the characters, short animations and other visuals.

And it will have one or two exercises which are there to give the children different tools and experiences to deal with emotions and value their mental health.

We meditate, look at the importance of sharing problems with someone you trust and ways to express confusing emotions in a constructive way.

In the first sessions the children identify their fears and worries through creating art and/or writing. By putting it into words and visuals, children can quicker recognise when an old fear comes up and make a choice as to follow it or not.

The last sessions are about creating from imagination. Every visionary tells us of the importance of using the imagination to create. We will look at how imagination can serve us and help us make better choices in life.

WorryBoy has been a project in a few different schools and each school had a different focus that suited them. Which also resulted into each school creating art-pieces that were completely unique!



Regarding the WorryBoy project – I thought it was AMAZING!!  (It is currently our main stairwell exhibition!) 

The children got so much out of it from art – literacy – PSHE  at a time when they are very vulnerable in Y6 with SATs and transition to secondary school. They were inspired and motivated by the story and the idea of battling their inner demons. They were also able to turn this into inspiring quotes and positive messages that were very mature for their age. As a teacher the fact that I could link it across subjects was great.

– Samantha Fish, Y6 Teacher, Hague Primary, Bethnal Green, London –

The end result is to have an art exhibition and/or a presentation. This can be in school, but I will try my best to find a local place (e.g. library or community centre) to present it to the community as well!

WorryBoy exhibition June 2016 at Oxford House, Bethnal Green, with work of Hague Primary, Chisenhale Primary and Shaftesbury Park Primary

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