From depression to anger to…?

Those who have been through depression can probably tell from their own experience: Anger feels better than depression. Don’t get me wrong, there is still little joy in anger, but it is preferable to the heavy, dark and hopeless feeling of depression. On a vibrational scale, depression is the lowest, which explains why the feeling is so heavy.

…and why it is so annoying when people say, “Oh just cheer up!”…it is too much of a vibrational leap. It is not that when you feel depressed you don’t want to cheer up, but the heaviness makes it seem impossible. You can compare it to asking a friend on the other side of the world to be in your house within the next hour. This might be possible in the future, but for now we still have to catch a flight and take a certain amount of time to cover the distance. We still have to move from the deep, dark heaviness of depression to the light and spacious feeling of joy…there are a few “flights” to take in between.

We are creative beings and are more powerful that any of us realises, so I’m sure it is not impossible to go from depression to joy in one go, but you’ll have to be a true and possibly trained alchemist of your life before you can change that much “lead” instantly into “gold”. But you don’t have to be a master alchemist to transform depression. Knowing that you can transform depression is already a massive step; for years I believed it was just part of my personality and I just had to get used to living with it and accept that I am a glass-half-empty kind of girl.

This particular drawing brought back my memory of the moment where I shift from depression to anger. And as I said: anger is not great either. Now I know that the trick is not to stay in anger but to see it as a step up out of depression. In those days though, I felt guilty for the sudden (and often destructive) rage so that I quickly moved back to the deep dungeons of depression. I never recognised the possibilities I was giving myself!

Depression sent me on a journey of self-discovery and I now feel blessed for the experiences and the wisdom that I have gained. Without it WorryBoy would not have been my story to tell.

Thanks to the wisdom of many wise teachers I now recognise any lower vibrational emotion as a starting point to create something amazing in my life. And I can honestly say that my life has never been as good as is it is today and I am deeply grateful for every moment.




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